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Dark Ambience

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Developer: Time+Space

Exclusive to Time+Space and created by renowned UK sound designer and electronic musician Ian Boddy, Dark Ambience contains 100 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 handcrafted from an extensive collection of vintage and analogue modular synths. Take a journey into the deeper realms of ambience and electronic music with everything from soundscapes, textures, special FX, synth sounds and beyond.


  • 100 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.2.0e or higher

  • Created by sound designer and electronic musician Ian Boddy

  • Based on vintage and analogue modular synths

  • Soundscapes, textures, special FX, synth sounds and much more


Dark Ambience library contains sounds taken from the Analogue Workshop Volume 1 (Distortion & Feedback) & Volume 2 (Dark Ambient) Ian Boddy Waveforms libraries. Ian hand picked the best of the raw analogue sounds that he thought would benefit most from the unique sound sculpting possibilities that the Steam engine in Omnisphere provides.

Here are some words from Ian Boddy himself on how he approached creating Dark Ambience;

"Omnisphere is a wonderful sonic tool that I myself use in a lot of my film and library music work. The introduction of the ability to import your own samples into its sonic engine opens up a whole new world to explore.

I’m best known in sound design circles for my analogue modular patches and I was excited to see how tools such as Omnisphere’s Granular, Unison and Harmonia modes as well as its extensive synthesis and modulation capabilities would treat my raw analogue tones. The patches are like nothing I’ve heard in Omnisphere before, my signature analogue sound wrapped in a cocoon of expressive soundscapes."

Equipment list

  • Roland System 100-M

  • Serge Animal, Audio Interface, Dual Oscillator, Klangzeit, CV Matrix Mixer, Dual ADSR, Stereo Mixer & custom panels

  • Analogue Systems

  • Analogue Solutions

  • Doepfer A-100

  • Cwejman SPH2 & FSH1 & MX-4S

  • Make Noise DPO, Wogglebug, Rene, Maths & QMMG

  • Livewire, Metasonix, Harvestman, Synthesis Technology, WMD & Flight of Harmony modules

  • VCS3

  • Minimoog & Moog Voyager

  • Metasonix TM-2 tube BP filter

  • TLA Ebony A2Stereo Processor


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