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Cosmic Dawn for Nylon Sky - Unified Enhanced

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Developer: Adrian Earnshaw

The universe is older than time itself, living and breathing. Climb aboard the USS StarChaser as we tour the galaxy capturing the sounds of the universe. Each sound an echo of how time as altered and aged living breathing objects. The patch descriptions provide details of what the mod-wheel does to the sound, and also a little education of where we’ve stopped or what we are observing.

Featuring 100 patches and 30 new soundsources. One of which involved capturing workmen banging and drilling as they performed some work on the house. These patches work particularly well when layered and make it easy to create your own multis.

New samples were created for this patch library and sit alongside the existing core samples that come with Omnisphere. The Ambient soundsources were recorded when I was having some brickwork done on the house. These sounds were recorded from inside the house to keep the excessive noise levels under control and to provide a nice muffled effect. This allows them to combined with the delay and interspace effects from Omnisphere to provide otherworldly soundscapes and textures.

The organ stops soundsources were taken from the local parish church where I am the music director and organist. Each stop was sampled capturing the natural ambient reverb within the church. These range from 8', 4’, and 2' flute stops to an 8' Oboe and a 16' Bassoon.

There are three very special sound sources that were created specifically to use in the granular engine. These are the Organ Melody soundsources, which captures three separate organ pieces that I played and captured live. These are around 1 to 2 minutes in length and allow for some very interesting soundscapes as the notes cluster together.

A special SE version of this library has also been created, which you will require the Nylon Guitar Sonic Extension. The same 100 patches from the standard edition have been reimagined using the Sky Verb and Sky Channel that comes with the Nylon Guitar Sonic Extension. Extra layers have also been added on some patches to enhance the sound and take it further that what could be done using just the standard effects.

10 Arps

7 Synth Bass

4 Guitars

3 Hits

4 Leads

6 Noisescapes

24 Pads

5 Percussion

28 Synths

9 Textures

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