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Bowed Textures Vol 2

Developer: The Sample Company


Granular stringscapes, bowed “air” layers, randomized quartets, and traditional orchestra textures are all represented in this library, but there’s also a darker side: screeching cellos, sinister harmonics, metallic scrapes, tense rises, and sounds bordering on creature sound design.

In addition to the life and depth Bowed Textures’ patches add to a score, inventive use of the STEAM engine has lead to several TSCo original concepts within Omnisphere itself. Our “Scrub” patches allow for realtime performance and sample manipulation in a way we’ve never seen before in an Omnisphere library.


  • A Modern Cello

  • Arriving A

  • Arriving B

  • Arriving C

  • Atonal Unicycle Scrub

  • Bad Man Celli Scrub

  • Beast Or Bass

  • Beginning Of Time Scrub A

  • Beginning Of Time Scrub B

  • Beginning Of Time Scrub C

  • Big Budget String Section

  • Blackbeard’s Ghost A Scrub

  • Blackbeard’s Ghost B Scrub

  • Bow Bow Bow Your Boat A

  • Bow Bow Bow Your Boat B

  • Bow Bow Bow Your Boat C

  • Bowie Runner

  • Bowing Up The River A

  • Bowing Up The River B

  • Cello Spiccato

  • Digitize My Ensemble

  • Dove Feather Flute Alt

  • Dove Feather Flute

  • Drum Skin Drone A

  • Drum Skin Drone B

  • Eagle Feather Flute

  • Egret Feather Flute

  • Entering The Tunnels A

  • Entering The Tunnels B

  • Entering The Tunnels C

  • Entering The Tunnels D

  • Erhu Textures A

  • Erhu Textures B

  • Experibass Release Samples

  • Falcon Feather Flute

  • Fog of Strings A

  • Fog of Strings B

  • Ford the Fjord

  • Granular Sul Tasto From Hell Scrub A

  • Granular Sul Tasto From Hell Scrub B

  • Granular Sul Tasto From Hell Scrub C

  • Harmonics & Bowing

  • Hawk Feather Flute

  • Hybrid Modular String Wash

  • Iceland’s Electric

  • Keep Guessing Gopi

  • Lost on Mars Strings

  • Maple Leaf Ensemble A

  • Maple Leaf Ensemble B

  • Maple Leaf Ensemble Scrub A

  • Maple Leaf Ensemble Scrub B

  • Merlin’s Cello

  • Metal Stress Drops A

  • Metal Stress Drops B

  • Metal Stress Drops C

  • Metal Taiko Bow

  • Metal Upright Bartok

  • Metal Upright Scratcher A

  • Metal Upright Scratcher B

  • Metal Upright Scratcher C

  • Metal Upright Scratcher D

  • Metal Upright Scratcher E

  • Metal Upright Scratcher F

  • Metal Upright Scratcher G

  • Metal Violin

  • Metal Wind Short

  • Mildly Metallic Harmonics

  • Mildly Metallic Harmonics Scrub

  • Modbox of Grains A Scrub

  • Modbox of Grains B Scrub

  • More Hybrid Bass Please

  • Mr Cello Freezer A

  • Mr Cello Freezer B

  • Mr Cello Freezer Scrub

  • Native Beauty

  • Near & Far Scrub

  • Near & Far

  • Organic Sub Bass & Tap

  • Pure Overtones A Scrub

  • Pure Overtones B Scrub

  • Pure Overtones C Scrub

  • Pure Overtones D Scrub

  • Pure Overtones E Scrub

  • Pure Overtones F Scrub

  • Pure Overtones G Scrub

  • Rainy Night Farm

  • Strings By The Ocean

  • That Underground Atmosphere

  • The Cave on Pavonis Mons

  • The Kraken Sleeps

  • Tinnitus Factory A Scrub

  • Tinnitus Factory B Scrub

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound A

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound B

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound C

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound D

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound E

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound F

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound G

  • Twelve String Wall of Sound H

  • Upsidedown’s Creature

  • Venus Fly Trap Ensemble Scrub A

  • Venus Fly Trap Ensemble Scrub B

  • Venus Fly Trap Ensemble Scrub C

  • Watch Your Ears!

  • Whack A Ghost Cello

  • Whisper Bowing

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