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Bowed Textures Vol 1

Developer: The Sample Company


Granular stringscapes, bowed “air” layers, randomized quartets, and traditional orchestra textures are all represented in this library, but there’s also a darker side: screeching cellos, sinister harmonics, metallic scrapes, tense rises, and sounds bordering on creature sound design.

In addition to the life and depth Bowed Textures’ patches add to a score, inventive use of the STEAM engine has lead to several TSCo original concepts within Omnisphere itself. Our “Scrub” patches allow for realtime performance and sample manipulation in a way we’ve never seen before in an Omnisphere library.


  • Abandoned Island

  • Aleatoric Celli

  • Aleatoric Orchestra Rise

  • Alien Bow Breather A

  • Alien Bow Breather B

  • Alien Bow Breather C

  • Alien Bow Breather D

  • Alien Bow Breather E

  • Alien Bow Breather F

  • Alien Bow Breather G

  • Alien Bow Breather H

  • Atonal Unicycle

  • Bad Bad Man Celli

  • Bad Man Celli

  • Barely Bowed Pad A

  • Barely Bowed Pad B

  • Barely Bowed Pad C

  • Barely Bowed Pad Scrub

  • Bark Cello Scrub

  • Bark Cello Start

  • Bass and Cello Staccato

  • Bass Concert Solo

  • Bass Hard Bow Short

  • Bass Prehistoric Trem

  • Bass Skreetchtok

  • Bass Touch Staccato

  • Bending Riser

  • Bouncing Bows

  • Bowed Beach Pebbles

  • Bowed Dark & Dirty Pianos

  • Bowed in Nature

  • Bowed Rhythm Layer

  • Bowing Down The River A

  • Bowing Down The River B

  • Bowing The Wind

  • Breathy Viorgan

  • Cello Bartok Bounce RR

  • Cello Bartok Swarm

  • Cello Close All Around

  • Cello Duet Calm to Tense Scrub

  • Cello Duet Homeland

  • Cello Duet Villain Underscore

  • Cello Plank Walker Scrub

  • Cello Plank Walker

  • Cellotar

  • Chemical String Pad

  • Creature Comforts

  • Darma Terror Foundation

  • Double The Bass Pleasure

  • Electric Cello Drone

  • Electric Revenant

  • Experibass Atonal Stab Scrub A

  • Experibass Atonal Stab Scrub B

  • Experibass Atonal Stab Scrub C

  • Experibass Atonal Stab Scrub D

  • Experibass Atonal Stab Scrub E

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen A

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen B

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen C

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen D

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen E

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen F

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen G

  • Experibass Atonal to Frozen H

  • Experibass Sustain

  • Fiddle Through Tears

  • Fire Bowed Vibraphone

  • Flaming String Bed

  • Granular Sul Tasto From Hell

  • Grit Cello Scrub

  • Grit Cello

  • Grunge Cello Longs

  • Harmonic Pterodactyl Baby

  • Harmonic Pterodactyl

  • Hello Whirlpool Darker

  • Hello Whirlpool

  • Lofi String Orchestra

  • Lost At Sea

  • Native Beauty Scrub

  • Oak Leaf Quartet A

  • Oak Leaf Quartet B

  • Oak Leaf Quartet C

  • Oil Tanker Orchestra

  • Overblown Caribbean

  • Primal Solo Cello

  • Pumping Cello Section

  • Rainy Day Farm

  • Reef Apo

  • Reef Great Barrier

  • Reef Kingman

  • Remembering Rosin

  • Rock ‘n Harp

  • Rosinbedder

  • Scattered Violin + Viola Harmonics

  • Simple Bowed Acoustic

  • Simple Bowed Vibes

  • Simple Ghost Harmonic Scrub

  • Simple Piano Bow A

  • Simple Piano Bow B

  • Simple Piano Bow C

  • Stereo Silent String

  • Strings By The Oceanside

  • Trailer Bow Slap A

  • Trailer Bow Slap B

  • Violin Tremtron

  • Wide Dual Cellos

  • Winds + Strings + Textures Oh My A

  • Winds + Strings + Textures Oh My B

  • Winds + Strings + Textures Oh My C

  • Wood and Metal Quartet

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