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Omnisphere Horizon

Developer: The Unfinished

Omnisphere Horizon is aimed at hybrid cinematic underscore and deep, emotional electronica, it will fit right into your latest film/tv/game score or EDM album.

There are 128 patches (and 30 bonus multis), featuring deep, modulating basslines; evocative and dynamic synth sequences; dramatic and blissful soundscapes; hard-hitting, punchy synth basses; and many other expressive and essential sounds.

Omnisphere Horizon provides you with a deep and flexible, cinematic sound canvas. Whether you’re writing minimalist underscore in the shadow of Harry Gregson-Williams and Sean Callery, or intense electronica in the vein of BT and Jon Hopkins, you are bound to find a huge amount of inspiration in this soundset.

Omnisphere’s organic and analogue soundsources are at the heart of this soundset, as are its magnificent modulation capabilities and hugely creative arpeggiator. And most of the patches have some really cool features programmed into the modwheel – so push that modwheel!

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