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Omnisphere Cygnia

Developer: Sonic Underworld

Omnisphere "Cygnia" for Omnisphere2 offers 400 patches and 50 multis, all with added modwheel control over multiple parameters. The focus is on modern cinematic sounds inspired by composers such as Apparat, Ben Frost, Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrows and Jon Hopkins. You will need to have "Trilian" installed, to play all the patches in this library. Omnisphere “Cygnia" offers a staggering amount of choices. Lush and evocative pads, ambient textures, animated melodic arpeggios & bass arpeggios, organic & electronic drum loops, percussion, hits & fx’s, inspiring hybrid synths, synth basses & synth choirs, organic instruments such as keyboards and guitars, bowed instruments, bells and evolving soundscapes. These sounds are perfect for your next film score or tv project. "I’ve been loving these sounds. Wonderfully inspiring work. The textures especially are just beautiful. I find myself just getting lost in them on a regular basis." -Rhian Sheehan (Award-winning music producer and screen composer from New Zealand (Top Gear (UK), the hit HBO series Silicon Valley, BBC Horizon, National Geographic Channel) Omnisphere “ Cygnia" comes with the following categories. They make it easy to locate sounds quickly.

100 ARP +BPM 10 Bells and Vibes 10 Bowed Colors 15 Distortion 10 Electro Perc 05 Electronic Mayhem 15 Ethnic World 10 Guitars 10 Hits and Bits 10 Human Voices 30 Hybrid Instruments 20 Keyboards 05 Noisescapes 50 Pads + Strings 10 Percussive Organi 05 String Machines 25 Synth Bass 10 Synth Mono 05 Synth Pluck 10 Synth Poly 05 Synth Sweep 10 Textures Playable 10 Textures Soundscape 05 Transition Effects 05 Trons and Optical

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