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Developer: PlugInGuru

Kolours is a library for Omnisphere 2 AND Keyscape. You MUST Own Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape before this library will work. This library ALSO includes all of the patches in Unify format and that is the case with the Unify version of the Patches too: you have to own both Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape or the Unify patches won’t work.

This is library #41 for Omnisphere we have released! 126 Patches and 30 Multis that EXPLODE the range of “Kolours” you can work with! VERY expressive Grand Pianos, Chill pianos, Hip Hop pianos, powerful Rock n Roll pianos = TONS of super useful and inspiring patches! In Multi Mode there are cool BPM Layered pianos inspired by modern artists that modify the piano in unique ways, well I did that for this library as well thru creative programming in Omnisphere! There are also a bunch of ready to be used Splits in Multi mode and finally 5 complete cycling “Song Jams” that you can play along with by simply playing a single note in the bottom octave of the keyboard and then play the piano sound that is on the rest of the keyboard and watch the hours slip away!!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

This was a very fun library to create – I was lucky to be invited to the introduction party in Los Angeles for Keyscape in 2016. It is a great add on library for Omnisphere bringing a much needed Grand Piano, loads of electric pianos, clavinets, upright piano and in total 26 unique keyboard instruments – many of these instruments are on the RARE KEYBOARD list and the fact you can now play them is pretty exciting.

To be clear: You have to own the Keyscape library which has all of the keyboard samples that are used to build these patches. You also have to own Omnisphere 2.6 (or later) because that is where saved patches can be called up, PLUS many of these patches and multis use samples from Omnisphere PLUS Keyscape to make super ultra mega cool oh my goodness patches!

This library brings a bunch of new Kolour to your fingertips to play inside of Omnisphere:

A different approach to the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano: the multitude of grand piano patches in Keyscape are great, but for me I had a difficult time connecting with them. They didn’t speak the way I like a grand piano to speak, so by using the parameters in Omnisphere, I came up with a different approach to making grand piano patches that speak more dynamically and are just, different.

Rock Pianos! I found the rock pianos in Keyscape to not cut thru the mix so I used a few techniques to get more BITE in the attack of the piano. I also created some killer Rock Piano + Synth stacks for those of you that love the power combo of Rock Piano + Synth (there are NONE of these inside the Keyscape or Keyscape Creative libraries).

Chill Pianos! There are so many ways to take normal samples and change them into something new. Combine that with all of the awesome synth samples inside Omnisphere and it’s BEGGING to have a ton of unique chill keyboard patches created – so I did. Of the 85 Piano patches, 25 are “Chilly” patches and have all sorts of unique tricks used to make them special. Inspired by artists like Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and many others, you will find patches that sound like they could be on their next album!

Pianos from Famous Songs! I love finding keyboard sounds that were programmed to sound like some of my favorite songs, so I did that to a bunch of patches. Piano sounds from songs like “In Your Eyes”, “That’s All”, “Waiting for a Girl Like You” and the “Logical Song” are just some of those I created.

Pianos for HipHop! Included in the Keyscape library are a bunch of album noise samples that are AWESOME to layer of patches to make messy unstable HipHop patches. With all of the synth parameters, LFO’s and effects, it’s really easy to create some pretty distressed sounds that will be a serious element on your next track – just add a PHAT beat and off you go.

30 Multis that have incredible abilities:

There are 3 categories of Multis:

Piano + Piano/other that is arpeggiated and processed – here are sounds even close to the sounds Ólafur, Nils or others would use. Super inspiring to play these!

Piano/Bass Splits – Rock, Pop, Love Songs and Chill are all found in these 15 Bass/Split Multis

Instant Jam Splits – these were SO MUCH FUN to create. I wanted to make grooves that you can simply play a note and then jam with a keyboard sound and you look up and it’s 3am again. There are 5 of these and I put my heart and soul into each one of them. The demo songs above are mostly these Multis being played in real-time. These TOTALLY REQUIRE you to use 4 MIDI CC#s to bring out drums and morph the sounds. Playing these without using a controller (software or hardware) is like trying to eat a taco with your feet.

In conclusion – if you own Keyscape, these will give you a massive upgrade on what you can do WITH Keyscape. I found some holes in all of the Spectrasonics voicing (which is awesome!) and filled them with to make Keyscape stronger with Kolors than without.

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