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Deeper OMNI

Developer: Vintage Synth Pads

We are very proud to release "Deeper OMNI" for Omnisphere 2.5.

"Deeper OMNI" is our 14th soundset for Omnisphere and represents a deeper view into this very capable musical tool.

We cover considerable territory not often heard in the many Omnisphere 2 soundsets.

First we designed some new Wavs for Omnisphere so that we could offer sounds not available anywhere else.

Then we took advantage of some of the more advanced sonic capabilities such as:

Granular Synthesis, wavetable Synthesis, impulse responses, soundsource Reversing, the new FX capabilites, much more...

We also created a broad range of styles for "Deeper OMNI" that include:

Deep and complex Atmospheres that include new soundsources.

A large collection of vintage leads that include sounds sources from:

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Mini Moog Oberheim OB8 Oberheim OBXA Oberheim S.E.Ms Roland JP-8000 Access Virus Indigo Roland JD-800 Roland Juno 60 Roland Jupiter 8

These leads have also been processed using Omnispheres very capable FX to achieve a more authentic vintage hardware sound.

A collection of pads that range from classic warmth to modern combinations.

Also included are a set of rhythm based percussion presets designed to help get the song writing process started or enhanced.

Deeper OMNI also includes a set of organs. These organs are hybrid in design, including both samples and traditional synthesis.

We also designed a collection of keys that are traditional in usage but uniquely musical and harmonic.

The FX in Deeper OMNI are something special and include lots of tape effects, electrical glitches, toys, and a playful weirdness that can bring some ear candy to your productions.

The Arps included range from classic electronic to modern motion.

Finally, we designed some sub bass instruments to fatten up productions and bring punch to your tunes.

Included are 120 presets that are meticulously programmed and take advance of Omnispheres polyphonic LFO and modulation envelopes, new FX, new DSP waveforms, new soundsources, and new sonic capabilities.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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