Sound FX Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2.6 explores the world of creative field recording.  A simple idea - record a variety of interior household doors, drawers and more - in professional 24-bit/96khz.  These samples are presented on their own and in reverse for standard sound effects/Foley use but utilizing the power of Spectrasonics Omnisphere's effects and tools. Variations were created showcasing different processing techniques that could be applied to enhance the standard samples.  This alone would rival industry standard sample collections used for theatrical and cinematic use. 

SOUNDS REVIEW_edited.jpg



Once the base patches and samples were finalized, it was time to explore what could be created by combining "doors" with more!  I set my sights on hybrid organic sounds - part real - part synthetic.  Pads, basses, plucks and organs were crafted resulting in new twists on typical playable sounds.  Soundscapes and texture effects were designed that explored deep down pitching and creative granular use - resulting in otherworldly underscore elements.  Drum hits were also created to provide for creative organic beat making.  A large assortment of tempo sync'd transition effects were also designed to add riser and fall elements to your production tracks.  BPM drums round off the collection adding instantly usable rhythms that can be combined.


Enjoy the demo songs that showcase this collection in creative ways and explore what is possible in this Omnisphere series.

  • 372 patches

  • 66 sound sources recorded in 24-bit 96KHz and processed with RX7

  • Recorded using Zoom F8 with Oktava MK-012 stereo pair in ORTF

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.6+


Collection Details


Custom Soundsources

  • 66 field recordings and processed synth hybrid samples

  • Recorded in 24-bit, 96Khz for optimum extreme pitch stretching

  • Processed with industry standard tools providing professional quality raw sounds

Patch Categories

  • ARP + BPM - 61

  • Hits and Bits - 50 

  • Keyboards -1

  • Organs - 5

  • Pads + Strings - 3

  • Percussive Organic - 157

  • Synth Bass - 5

  • Synth Pluck - 8

  • Synth Poly - 4

  • Textures Playable - 11

  • Textures Soundscape - 15

  • Transition Effects - 52

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