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©2019 by Rocky Mountain Sounds

RedMod Moog Tribute for Omnisphere 2 (requires Moog Tribute Library)


The Bob Moog Tribute Library is a special fund-raising collection sold by Spectrasonics and is REQUIRED to use these sounds.  

This collection has an abundance of cool sounds - but was lacking in pads.  So why not create 60 pads using only the sound sources available?  The pads are very bright and gritty - you won't find lush warm tones in this library - but what you will find are pads that have character and texture.  I used a baseline pad setup that brings in waveshaping texture with the modwheel and explored all the useable soundsources that could work as a pad (and some that you wouldn't expect).

Over 50 pads provide great texture and interest for use in different genres from cinematic underscore to prog rock - or use to bring dramatic contrast when layered with soft and warm pads (like from my other Omnisphere collections!).  I really liked the sound coming from these unique waveforms - they are not typical and I hope you enjoy exploring them.