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©2019 by Rocky Mountain Sounds

Ambience West Coast Volume 1 is a new take on my Ambience Atmospheric MP3 releases. Featuring a new mellower pad. you will get 24 tracks of the highest quality 320K MP3s. Each track is over 16 minutes long. Each of the 12 keys has 2 options- e.g. A1, A2. Each representing the octave range of the pad. Looking for lower drones for starting your song set- choose the "1" range. Build up intensity and interest throughout your set by using the "2" range. Now you can customize the octave of the ambient pad to suit your needs- opening up more sonic choices and providing greater value in a single volume. I hope you enjoy this release!!!

Click here for audio demo  (Please note this version has been reduced to 2 octaves to meet the size limits of my e-provider.  Audio demo showcases the high octave which is not part of this updated release).

West Coast Ambience Vol 1