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Twisted Trees - Sonic Extension by Spectrasonics

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Organic Dreams & Nightmares

After many years of development, legendary sound designer Diego Stocco proudly introduces an intense new sonic world built entirely from wood! Twisted Trees™ is an endlessly inspiring tool, curated specifically for dark cinematic production. The organic heart of every sound adds a unique earthy color – whether you need a bit of mystique or when it’s time for full-on terror mode. From a whisper to a scream, Twisted Trees delivers an endless experience of creative possibilities.

  • A creative tour-de-force by legendary sound designer Diego Stocco

  • Exclusive new “Twisted Space” natural elements reverb/echo effect

  • Exclusive new “Twisted Root” multiband subsonic enhancer effect

  • Every sound built entirely using wood and elements of nature!

  • Thousands of unique sounds in nine different categories

  • Powerful Custom Controls for immediate sound manipulation

  • Over 400 extraordinary new organic Soundsources

  • Elements mixer makes it inspiring to create and automate

  • Deep sampled percussion to otherworldly playable textures

  • An invaluable scoring tool you will reach for again and again

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.8.5e or higher

Acclaimed sound design artist, composer and performer Diego Stocco creates eclectic musical experiences with his amazing custom built instruments and experimental recording techniques. As a key artist for Spectrasonics for over 20 years, he’s one of the principal creative sound designers of Omnisphere. Diego has become legendary for creating musically playable sounds out of ordinary objects like light bulbs, sampling a piano set on fire, building his own Custom Built Orchestra and many other imaginative contraptions. His exploration for new sounds doesn’t stop there – Diego has become well-known for extracting evocative sounds from elements of nature in his original music videos “Music From Sand” and “Music from a Tree” – and performances with his innovative custom built instruments like the “Experibass” and “Bassoforte”. One thing is for sure – Diego’s limitless passion for creativity is always an inspiration!

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1 kommentar

I just grabbed this. It is pure sonic inspiration. It's like Omnisphere 3.0 with this addition as it has so much of what I love about Omnisphere with those crazy organic real world twisted sounds.

You will need to do a small Omnisphere update that addresses an FX display issue so make sure to do that right away.

If you have made any songs with this- why not comment below with some links so the WOO clan can check it out.

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