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Developer: Triple Spiral Audio

Trinity is new soundset for Omnisphere 2 with 210 presets and 100 multis. The Trinity soundset is about the Sun (light ambient sounds), Moon (dark, cinematic sounds) and the Earth (mellow + moving sounds)

Inspiration has been found in the works of Ramin Djawadi, Gareth Coker, Hans Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, Aphex Twin and many more.

The presets are created in groups of three, with an A, B and C version. These 3 sounds together are grouped in the multi LIVE mode where you can “keyswitch” between via midi or program change or combine together.

There are in total 210 presets which are grouped in 70 multis in LIVE mode. There are also an additional 30 STACKED multis where sounds are being combined.

The soundset comes with 77 soundsources and is 440 MB in size and requires Omnisphere 2.6

Update 21 March 2021: Trinity is now also available in Unify format. For more information about Unify, check out Pluginguru’s Unify page here:

Trinity review by Sample Library Review:

“Trinity is clearly extremely well crafted and the concept of the sun, moon, and earth is certainly fitting. The idea of stacking various layers to form one cohesive sound is excellent. This isn’t just a library where different parts are put together to make different multis, each layer has been thought out and programmed to compliment each other. The result is a comprehensive, thematic and cinematic soundset of the highest quality.

In conclusion, Triple Spiral Audio have once again proven they are ahead of the curve when producing detailed, well-crafted and ultimately extremely versatile soundset for Omnisphere.”

Trinity is also chosen by Sample Library Reviews Best of 2020 in the category Best VST Preset Collection or Expansion

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