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Toys After Dark

Developer: PlugHugger

Toys After Dark is a glimpse into what's going in the toy factory after closing time. It is a playful and experimental soundset based on circuit-bent toys and musical instruments, such as math toys, old Casio keyboards and talking toys such as the Furby.

imagine the sounds inside a toy factory at night.

While the purpose of circuit-bending is to bring out new sounds and textures from simple electronics - the nature of circuit-bended gear are generally chaotic, crazy, wacky, weird, noisy and often completely bonkers. Trying to make sense of circuit-bended sounds is an exercise in patience, but that what we did with this soundset. Omnisphere 2 comes loaded with an extensive library of circuit-bent sounds and we spent quite some time listening though all the recordings for the most interesting parts. Armed with a collection of cool sounds, we started putting together our own sounds: rhythmic loops, tonal single sounds, textures and even drum loops. All of the tonal singles have been tuned to make sense in a musical context - as much as a circuit-bent sound can be tuned - as are many of the loops and sequences. But to keep the chaotic vibe of circuit-bending some of the rhythmical material were not tuned. Together with the single sounds we also created 50 multi sounds where created even more complex sounds and advanced rhythmic loops. Toys After Dark contains 231 sounds:

  • 101 Arpeggios and Sequences

  • 19 Hits and Bits

  • 22 Synth Bass

  • 2 Synth Mono

  • 30 Synth Poly

  • 7 Textures

  • 50 Multi patches

Demo track "Toys Gone Wild" composed by Torley (

PRODUCT INFO Name: Toys After Dark. Requirements: Omnisphere 2.5. Number of sounds: 181 singles + 50 multis. Format: Omnisphere 2.5 format.

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