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The Wall

Developer: Vicious Antelope

"The Wall" is a pack consisting of 50 flat dynamic distorted mono synths for Omnisphere 2 This one is very experimental and unique in terms of sound or how it could be used. Maybe fits better for hardstyle, EDM, experimental, dubstep but also for rock and metal genres due to its flat dynamics character. They are mono synths and almost all sounds have a distinct saturation coming usually from the ultra fast attack and slow-release tube limiter (you could listen to that easily in the release of most sounds). The dynamics are very flat in majority of presets. Sometimes 2,3 or more compressors in series are used. Playing with attack of the amp envelope may make them more edgy & sharp but check out the distortion that may come with that as it could be unwanted. Also, another good idea is to add a very wet reverb before the last limiter and experiment with new sound dimensions. If you need to clean it in terms of saturation then maybe change the limiter’s controls in more subtle settings but check out to not exceed the 0dBfs and add unwanted digital distortion. Like most of my presets I try to keep it in good gain staging using a vu meter to achieve that.

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