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The Underground

Developer: PlugHugger

One of the most interesting aspects of the dance scene back in the 90s was the creative use of samplers, especially in the underground scene. When hardware samplers started to become affordable, a new generation of producers armed with mainly samplers took the british dance scene to a whole new level by ruthlessly sampling everything that came in their way. Sample the records. Sample the radio. Sample the synths. Sample the samplers. And sample them hard with effects.

this soundset is a flirt with underground dance music from the 90s.

The Underground is a soundset that started off with the idea to make a whole collection of sounds, entirely based on the drum and percussion waveforms from the Roland TR808 drum machine. And as with the producers back in the 90s - process the waveforms hard and turn them into basses, pads, arpeggios, effects and atmospheres. 26 Arpeggios + Sequences 38 Drum sounds (including 11 TR808 sounds) 44 Effects (hits, drops and risers 17 Vocal patches 21 Bass sounds 13 Synth sounds 12 Textures 10 Multi patches


Name: The Underground

Requirements: Omnisphere 2.

Number of sounds: 171 single patches + 10 multi patches.

Format: Omnisphere 2 format.

Style: 90s Techno/House.

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