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PlugInGuru Omnisphere Collections (sale ends Jan 10, 2020)

My first professional release and still a fan favourite. Northern Lights is a unique patch library for Omnisphere 2 that explores the world of MOTION! Motion Pads, a multitude of Bells (that have lots of animation and motion to them) and over 50 Texture Patches that have magical qualities that will instantly inspire when played!

On sale until end of day Jan 10, 2021

Normally $39.00

Sale Price $23.40 (click cover)

My second and potent release with PlugInGuru. Northern Impakt V1 is a truly inspiring sound design + Hybrid Cinematic / Ambient / Soundtrack / Chill library! We took found samples that we recorded and then creatively processed them to create truly unique sounds which were then used to make almost 300 new Patches! 14 Programmers from around the globe worked to create a pool of patches that will give your musical productions a massive cinematic impakt!

Normally $49.00

Sale Price $29.40 (click cover)

My only 2020 Omnisphere release was a big one for me creatively. The Genesis Elements series of sample and sound expansions are a treasure of amazing elemental building blocks – giving you exciting sonic territories to explore. Each release will showcase specific nature soundscapes, including rain, which are the foundation of Dystopian Rains. Professional recording equipment were utilized to record Nature’s best in amazing quality and clarity. Sources come from the rolling prairies, the mighty Rocky Mountains and from the shores of the Pacific on the Canadian West Coast. All original soundsources were captured in 24-bit, 96khz resolution, not only the industry standard for professional sound effects and nature recordings, but critical to allow for extreme pitch shifting where these sounds are truly remarkable.

Dystopian Rains features 146 patches, 41 amazing and inspiring multis and 42 soundsources - totaling 32 minutes of continuous sound.

Normally $34.00

Sale Price $28.00 (click cover)

You can also purchase from Triple Spiral Audio

The final sales event of 2020 is on at That Worship Sound - featuring my live performance oriented Omnisphere and MainStage/Logic collections. Click buy now to see the entire offering at 35% off- starting at only $13

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