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Textura for Omnisphere 2

Textura for Omnisphere 2 cover

Developer: Abel Mendoza - That Worship Sound

Discover Textura, where each patch is meticulously crafted to perfection, harnessing the full potential of Omnisphere 2’s groundbreaking sound design.

Immerse yourself in an auditory journey, from lush, dreamy tones to haunting, otherworldly drones that evoke awe and wonder. Textura’s diverse range of sounds empowers you to infuse your music with profound creativity and emotion.

Ideal for film scoring, ambient music, or worship compositions, Textura offers an extensive palette of textures and atmospheres to elevate your productions. Unleash depth, emotion, and beauty in your music with Textura for Omnisphere 2.


55 Patches for Omnisphere 2:

  • 12 ARP + BPM

  • 1 Keyboard

  • 21 Pads & Strings

  • 2 Synth Bass

  • 2 Synth Mono

  • 3 Synth Poly

  • 7 Textures Playable

Song Demo Session for Logic Pro 11

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