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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Developer: PlugInGuru / Sabre Sounds

This is the 5th library from PlugInGuru vetran programmer and all-around-awesome-English-guy Tim Dale!

TetraSonics is a dual Library :256 patches, 64 Multis and includes 22 original samples (some from Tim’s vintage Ensoniq ESQ1) for Omnisphere 2.6 AND a 295 Patch Unified Library for Unify! Get all 256 Omnisphere 2.6 patches saved as a single Unify Patch for fun layering opportunities PLUS 39 BONUS Patches – 10 are Tim’s favorite Multis in Unify Format and 29 are original patches by Tim and John Lehmkuhl combing the powers of Unify PLUS the powers of Omnisphere together! I want to point out that the Multis in this library are very CPU intensive – When converted to a Unify patch they work far better thanks to each Unify layer being committed to a separate computer core.

TetraSonics means 4 distinct sound sources and is the heart of this library. A number of big synthesizers have come out from Moog, Waldorf and others and so Tim set up a challenge to see how far he could push Omnisphere to make unique, original creative sounds and came with pure gold! This is library #5 that Tim has created for Omnisphere. He is a seasoned veteran and the patches show that to be true.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Tim Dale wrote the following to me about this library:

The name “Tetrasonics” is about “the power of four voices” and this library is an exploration of what is possible within the framework of Omnisphere’s 4-layer patch model. The patches of this library are primarily inspired by the new generation of hardware synths such as the Sequential Prophet-X, Waldorf Quantum, Moog One and ASM Hydrasynth, which have pushed synthesis in new and exciting (and generally expensive) directions. I got to spend some time with each of these amazing synths, but for most of us, they are a pipedream. But Omnisphere is no slouch in the synthesis world, and can stand toe-to-toe with these megasynths in many areas, at a fraction of the price. The patches of this library are therefore a combination of complex synthesis, with masses of modulation routings, and creative use of samples/phrases. However, with a view to playing live, every patch is also designed to be as playable and expressive as possible. It has taken me two years to put this library together, dive in and find out why. It is also an voyage into both the sounds used in the ‘darker’ pop songs that have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, through the work of artists such as Billie Eilish, and the cinematic sounds of recent soundtracks.

Sounds like a fun sonic adventure to me!



256 Patches, 64 Multis and 22 original samples for the Omnisphere 2.6 Library

295 Patches for the Unify Library (this Unify library REQUIRES Omnisphere 2.6 to play)

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