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Stellar City for Omnisphere 2 - Unify Enhanced

Updated: Mar 22

Prepare to be transported on an extraordinary musical odyssey as the visionary composer, John Louis Kluck, returns with an interstellar journey to the mesmerizing realm of Stellar City.

Stellar City for Omnisphere 2 cover
Building upon the success of his debut release, "Spatial Anomaly," Kluck delves even deeper into his sonic explorations, focusing on creating superlative ambient pads, enchanting textures, and captivating arpeggios. This exceptional collection of 100 sounds, comprising 50 patches and 50 multis, adds a new ambient dimension to Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 in Kluck's unique and evocative style. The collection includes an optional Unify Enhanced version, seamlessly integrating all the Omnisphere patches and multis into PlugInGuru's Unify. Each sound is mapped to special macro controls, allowing you to shape and mold the sonic landscape. Enhanced audio effects like reverbs, choruses, distortions, delays, and side-chaining Pump House further transform the sounds, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Embrace the awe-inspiring vibrations that emanate from Stellar City, and allow them to transport you to new heights of sonic discovery. Enjoy the voyage, fellow musician!

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