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Slam Designer for Omnisphere 2

Developer: SampleHero

SampleHero is now harnessing the full power of Omnisphere 2.6 with our brand new line of products we've been referring to as, "HeroSphere" products!

Whooshes features 50+ WHOOSH sound effects. If you've been searching for a sample/patch library to inject that Modern Hollywood TV sound, you've just found it!

50+ Patches!!!!

Load, Press, Tweak and..... GO!

  • 2 Timing Whoosh

  • A-Game Whoosh

  • Airy Ringer Whoosh

  • Alloy Tube Whoosh

  • Arctic Whoosh

  • B-Game Whoosh

  • Banshee Welp Whoosh

  • Choir-ish Whoosh

  • Chroma Whoosh

  • Clean And Simple Whoosh

  • Cold Flicker Whoosh

  • Coming Winds Whoosh

  • Crime Whoosh

  • Critters Whoosh

  • Da Whoosha

  • Dark And Sexy Whoosh

  • Eerie Whooshy Whoosh

  • Faster Windy Whoosh

  • Gribby Wash Whoosh

  • Hallow Banshee Whoosh

  • Iron Bar Whoosh

  • Long Building Middle C Whoosh

  • Mellow Ringer Whoosh

  • Mid Waffle Whoosh

  • Middy Mids Whoosh

  • Nordic Whoosh

  • Northern Whoosh

  • Orbital Whoosh

  • Panner Ice Whoosh

  • Press And Hold Sub Whoosh

  • Rand Dat Bellz Whoosh

  • Rumbly Whoosh

  • Rusty Whoosh

  • Sleep Hollow Whoosh

  • Slicey Whoosh

  • Steely Whoosh

  • Teal And Orange Whoosh

  • Tension Whoosh

  • Thrilling Whoosh

  • Tublar Whoosh

  • Unease Whoosh

  • Wait For It Whoosh

  • Washy Phased Whoosh

  • Washy Whoosh

  • Windy Whoosh

  • X-Ray Brain Freeze Whoosh

  • Y The Icy Ear Ripper Whoosh

  • Zen Lights Fast Whoosh

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