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Seismic Shock - Sonic Extension by Spectrasonics

Updated: Mar 6

Polar Ice X for Omnisphere 2 cover art

Sonic power reigns supreme in Seismic Shock™. By fusing epic sounds with the next-level Seismic FX, a vast amount of new terrain is covered – from throbbing rhythms to highly playable sounds. Designed for producers in search of maximum impact, you’ll unearth an arsenal of killer tools in Seismic Shock for all kinds of modern production.

  • Created by veteran producer/sound designer Seth Norman

  • Exclusive new “Seismic Pump” extreme side-chaining effect!

  • Exclusive new “Seismic Verb” epic animated reverb effect!

  • Nearly 2,000 powerful sounds in eleven categories

  • Super versatile range – from highly playable to brutal noises

  • Lethal Nitrogen Oscillator sounds captured at NASA Labs!

  • Unique Custom Controls for radically creative manipulation

  • Features brand new, aggressive Seismic Wavetables

  • Trigger Scenes for on-the-fly performance transformations

  • Dramatic Wheel tricks for impressive modulations

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

364 patches, 1820 scenes, 137 soundsources, 3.4GB

Patch Walkthough

Purchase from Spectrasonics Sonic EXtensions

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