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SabreSphere II

Developer: PlugInGuru - Sabre Sounds

This is library #3 that Tim has released here at PlugInGuru! First was SabreSphere V1 which includes 300 Patches, 51 Multis and 60 Arpeggiator patterns. Next was OMNI-X: Analog BPM which has 176 Patches and 32 Multis and NOW we’re happy to introduce SabreSphere Vol 2. This new collection comes loaded with 317 Patches, 75 Multis and NOW 80 additional Arpeggiator Patterns to fire up your creative songwriting juices! Please listen to the Patch audio browser and demo songs to get an idea of the awesome places this library goes!

300 Patches and 50 Multis for musical inspiration!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Tim Dale is an amateur synth programmer from the U.K. that likes to make inspiring patches. This library has a little bit of everything in it because it seems Tim likes a lot of different genres of music! As you can tell if you’ve played some of the above audio patch demos, he can make awesome sounds for everything from Trance to Film/Soundtrack work.

Long story short – about 8 months ago (May 2016), Tim told me he was working on a ton of new patches that he really loved… There were so many that I suggested breaking the BPM patches out and letting those focus on really cool Analogy kind of rhythmic patches and that turned into OMNI-X. He then went thru the remaining patches and honed them into a powerful set of patches that are in your hands now as SabreSphere Vol 2! These sounds go all over the place – much like the earth represented in the artwork – anything from Trance synth patches to Leslie Speaker Organ patches in Space! This is one of those secret weapon libraries you can dive into at anytime and you will find something unique for whatever you’re working on… almost guaranteed! So have fun, take some time to get to know the library and let us know what you come up with!

And as always – thank you for your continued support.


300 Patches

60 Multis

Bonus presets for Arpeggiator / Envelopes and Effect Racks

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