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Realm of Omnisphere 1

Developer: CL-Projects

BEHOLD ​the Realm of Omnisphere I patchbank for Omnisphere 2. A patchbank containing epic, cinematic & ambient sounds which can be used for ambient, new age, Berlin school and other types of music and is aimed at epic, cinematic soundtracks and filmscoring. This soundbank is also highly inspired by artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and others. ​THE AMBIENT ​sounds are very atmospherical, great for filmscoring and ambient oriented music. Also ideal for sci-fi, thriller, and even horror movies if you’re into that. The Omnisphere Orb gives some of these patches an even more omnious and scary character.

​THE ARPEGGIO ​sounds are a great bonus. These can be used to add rhythmic elements to your tracks. Some are Jean Michel Jarre oriented, based on the Oxygene and Equinoxe albums. I noticed that there are always Jean Michel Jarre type sounds sneeking into my sound libraries. Maybe my preferred genre of music which is Berlin School has something to do with that.

​THE PADS ​are very lush and thanks to the Orb, which is turned on in some of the patches, gives them a lot of evolving motions, which is great for soundtracks, new age and ambient types of music. We can describe these sounds as epic,omnious, mysterious, magical and weird in some cases. These pads will give you instant inspiration.

​THE STRINGS ​sound section contains sounds that all have to do with strings obviously such as acoustic strings, lush synth strings, vintage strings and even guitar sounds, since we all know also have strings. Guitar sounds layered with voice and string sounds sound great and will give you instant inspiration. The vintage type of strings will throw you back into the 1970’s and 80’s. The analog synth type strings will enhance any sound. These are great to be used on their own or for layering with other sounds which is demonstrated in some of the multis.

​THE SYNTH ​sounds are mor​e synth oriented, hence the name. Some of the sounds could be categorized as pad sounds but since they contain less evolving moods, they belong in the synths section. Also epic polysynth sounds, with or without resonance, agressive synth sounds which cut through the mix like a knife through butter, are also present. Weird pitch modulated sounds are also present thanks to the granular synthesis system.


  • For Omnisphere 2.2.0g or higher

  • Only Omnisphere’s soundsources were used

  • A total of 158 patches of which 128 are single patches and 30 are multis

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