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Radio Ready Vol 1

Developer: PlugInGuru

NOW WITH UNIFY Patches! The Song Writing Multis = 8 LAYERS in Unify so you can Easily replace any layer with ANY Plug-In you own. This might be one of the most important and useful Patch Libraries I’ve ever created!

118 Patches / 24 new SoundSources (including Brass!) and 14 Multiple MIDI Channel Multis give you a powerful set of songwriting Mega Patches created by listening to popular songs from the 70’s until today and creating not just a single sound but virtually all of the instruments required to write music in one of a number different genres (POP, EDM, 80s Pop, 90s Pop, Trance and Trap). It’s also lots of fun to take sounds from the 70’s and mix them with sounds from today’s latest hit songs.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and then imagine what YOU can do using the sounds in Radio Ready Vol 1! “I am just 2 multis (!!) into Radio Ready and I have to say that you knocked it out of the park so far with this one that I do not know where the ball is. Amazing!!!” – Constantin

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