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Pandemic Buster- free giveaway!

What can this Canadian do to help ease tensions and bring a little bit of joy and creativity back to our music community? GIVE AWAY FREE SOUNDS!!!

If you are in my main worship musician Facebook groups (or a persona FB friend)- you will see me posting updates on when the new giveaways get unlocked.

For those outside of Facebook- simply jump over to my Shop Page

I am releasing frequent free products via 100% discounts that automatically apply at check out. Simply click on one of the products and add to cart (hint- it's all the Ambience ones plus a few more Mainstage ones). You can grab all of those for FREE. Once I give away a certain amount- I unlock the next one. So simply come back every couple of days to see what has been unlocked (and you can grab all the previous free products too!).

I hope this will be a small way of bringing some happiness and joy back in these dark times we have found ourselves in. Please enjoy and use in your "eventual" live performances or worship settings- or simply use them for relaxing and getting away from the world for a small moment of time. These are royalty-free but I would love to hear where and how you use them!

Also subscribe to my website as I have a plan for a large roll-out of smaller Omnisphere creative collections to help be a "Genesis" to your creative spirit.

There is also a half price sale until March 22nd on all my TWS products - you can check them out right HERE

We will make it through this and will be better and stronger for it!

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