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OmniVerse II: A Dark Hope

Developer: PlugInGuru

OmniVerse VII: The Dark Hope for Omnisphere 2 with bonus version for PlugInGuru’s own Unify plug-in.

This is OmniVerse II: The Dark Hope – it is named this because things are not going well on the planet OmniVerse – it’s in kinda bad shape and the inhabitants don’t really know why… the story has a happy ending in OmniVerse III: Aurora! 100 Patches that are dramatic and powerful that bring out and highlight many of the Soundsources in the huge Omnisphere sample library. This library is geared a little more towards cinematic explorations but there is still a little something for everybody!

Update July 2020 – PlugInGuru O2 – OmniVerse II for Unify is now included with this library. Add all 150 Patches to Unify for a unified browsing experience with other Unify libraries. Quickly build layered patches with other patch libraries in Unify format! OmniVerse V1, OmniVerse VII, OmniVerse VIII, OmniChill and MegaMagic Pads all include a Unify version of their respective libraries. If you already own a license for these libraries, simply log into your account and re-download these libraries. A “PlugInGuru Unify” folder is included that has a .guru file and a .pdf instruction file!

NOTE: The Unify version of this library will work without the library even being installed in Omnisphere because there are no samples in this Omnisphere library. However, you MUST OWN OMNISPHERE 2 for this bonus library to work. Omnisphere 2 is not free. More Information on Omnisphere 2 by Spectrasonics.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES: Very flexible (thus the name OmniVerse) but you will find patches useful for everything from EDM to Film.

Library Specifics:

he library is called Omniverse because of its versatility and Version II: The Dark Hope because things are not going well on the planet – it’s kinda in bad shape and the inhabitants don’t really know why…

  • 100 Patches ranging from epic droning synth basses to BPM Pulsing pads to Guitar + Pads to even amazing acoustic piano patches that have a unique character to them like you’ve never heard before.

Compared to the original Omniverse, this library is darker, more somber, more EPIC and any of the patches are more playable. The Acoustic Grand Piano and Guitar & Pad programs are truly beautiful and enjoyable to play….

If you own Omnisphere, this is another MUST BUY patch library!

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