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Omnisphere Fjall

Updated: Mar 22

Omnisphere Fjall cover

Developer: The Very Loud Indeed Co.

Omnisphere Fjall is a collection of 120 brand new cinematic patches for Spectrasonics' Omnisphere 2.6 synthesizer. It includes 186 new sound sources, from real instrument recordings that have been processed extensively to make them fresh and interesting. It only uses these new sound sources and does not recycle the stock ones in Omnisphere or any other set.

Omnisphere Fjall is ideal for scoring thrillers, drama, action and horror projects. The musical influences for this soundset draw from the work of a large array of composers, which include Tyler Bates, Junkie XL, John Carpenter, Henry Jackman and Brian Tyler, amongst many others.

Many patches in Omnisphere Fjall use multiple layers, so you can mute the layers you don't need if a patch is too busy for your purposes, or if you just want to use a particular layer. Omnisphere Fjall also makes extensive use of the modulation wheel. In many cases, it may completely change the patch into something totally different, so we encourage you to have fun with it.


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