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Oddities & Weirdness for Omnisphere 2

Developer: SampleHero

SampleHero is now harnessing the full power of Omnisphere 2.6 with our brand new line of products we've been referring to as, "HeroSphere" products!

Oddities & Weirdness features 50+ READY TO USE Odd & Weird sound effects! Knocks, Swipes, Eerie Vocals, Metallic Stings, Playable Textures, Drones and all the things that go bump in the night. If you've been searching for a sample/patch library that injects that Modern Hollywood cinematic sound, you've just found it!

Load, Press, Tweak and..... GO!

  • Bad Stuff Coming

  • Banshee Moans

  • Boiler Rooms

  • Buzzer Swipers

  • Cloudy Nightmare Higher

  • Cloudy Nightmare

  • Creep Reaper

  • Creepy Vocal Patch Yo

  • Death Drone

  • Deeper Anguish

  • Demonic Angels

  • Demonic Voxes

  • Eerie Knocks

  • Eerie Knocks 2

  • Eerie Knocks 3

  • Eerie Knocks 4

  • Eerie Knocks 5

  • Eerie Swiper

  • Evil Nun Fo Sho

  • Grimmz Reapin

  • Grit Bender

  • Grotto Calls

  • Hades On High

  • Halls Of Evil

  • Hello Monica

  • Hell-Oh Dang Dats Cool

  • Hellish Alloys

  • Icy Tensions

  • Iron Of Gehenna

  • Limbo

  • Linda Glaring At You

  • Longing Creep Pad

  • Metallic Tensions

  • Metals

  • Oddly Moving 2

  • Oddly Moving

  • Oddness Fo Sho Part 2

  • Oddness Fo Sho

  • Perfect Metallic Tension

  • Phase Splitter

  • Playable Evil Drone

  • Purgatory's Ambience

  • Rubs The Right Way

  • Scraping By

  • Steely Death Drone

  • Stranger Days

  • Tension Droner Drone

  • Textures Of The Devil

  • Tingy Swiper

  • Weirdness

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.


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