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MegaMagic Guitars Part 1

Developer: PlugInGuru

This library consists of 7 guitars in 4 different “treatments”. I am presenting these only as Multis – there are some awesome bonus patches included but the HEART and SOUL of this library is focused on these 6 patch Multis. (MegaMagic: Guitars Part 2 will be all about single samples from these guitars that make really awesome and magical “guitar-like” patches.)

There are now 2 BONUS Libraries included:

• 130+ Patches that are each of the samples used to create the Multis in the Vol 1 library. This is a separate 1MB download.

• 60 NEW PATCHES/MULTIS in the “V12” Bonus library. Released on Valentines Day, 2017, these are 42 new Patches and 18 new presets that use Vol 1 and Vol 2 guitar samples TOGETHER – something previously not possible because I created each library as a separate library. Now that they are done, I’ve created this new library and it is AWESOME. Watch this to see and hear them in action!

Note: this bonus “V12: library requires that you own both Vol 1 and Vol 2 of MegaMagic: Guitars for Omnisphere 2. It is a 1MB download. Both of these bonus patch libraries require manual installation into the STEAM folder – instructions are included!

About the Recording Session

The amazing guitar player and my close friend is Erick Hailstone. He brought many wonderful instruments to a studio in North Portland owned and operated by Drew Canulette. We recorded into a Nuendo system running at 24bit 48Khz mostly thru an AKG-414 microphone. Here are some photos from the session:

Editing Details

After the recording session, I spent time selecting the best performances, constructing the DRY guitar maps in Logic Pro and finalizing the sample files – this involved tuning and noise reduction inside of iZotope’s RX5 application.

Once I had the DRY maps sounding pretty much like they do today, it was time to run them thru my MegaMagic effect chain. In doing this, I also decided to make not ONE but TWO different effect chains. Each of these treatments had a different goal:

1) DRY version which is……dry. I put a little reverb on them because totally dry sounds totally fake. The Mod wheel can be increased to add even more reverb to the sounds.

2) Intimate – This is a variation on the MM1 Multis but the filtering is lowered, the filter EG takes out the brightness of the reverb so it’s just a huge warm blanket of lushness in the sound. WARNING!! Play this and whoever is in the room will fall in love with you.

3) MM1 (MegaMagic Processing Chain #1). This is a lush warm chain of 3 different reverbs fed into a subtle multiprocessor effect for a beautiful lush sound. Using 3 different reverbs allows the reverb to interact and in a way, become better than just 1 by itself. Truly magical! MM1 Effects used to make the Magical Reverb (yes, those are the settings, too!)

4) MM2 (MegaMagic Processing Chain #2). This is a slightly brighter, a little more distant processed sound that has automated Octave shimmering in the reverb. I actually automated the intensity of the shimmer element so it becomes a fading in/out organic element in the sound. Again, it qualified as truly magical because I kept getting goosepimples when playing the guitars with this processing.

The end results are 27 wonderful Multis that use 6 Samples in 6 discrete patches inside of Omnisphere to make one magical guitar sound. Please watch the patch walkthru video, listen to the demos and without a doubt, you will want to add these guitars to your musical toolbox!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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