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Developer: PlugHugger

Lumos is an ambient orchestra of sounds based on nothing else but the sounds of lamps. From mellow 40 watt lightbulbs all the way up to illuminating 200 watt.

let there be light! lumos is an ambient collection of sounds based on the sounds of... lamps!

When Spectrasonics created the Psychoacoustic section of samples in Omnisphere they didn’t hold back burning up a piano just to hear how that might sound, or the glassy sound of tungsten lightbulbs being hit with different intensities. Equipped with the sound of a handful of lamps, our goal was to explore these sounds by turning them into sequences, textures / soundscapes, synth(ish) leads and pads. Lumos is a soundset in two parts. The first part is all the sounds based on the sound of lamps. The second part is a re-imagining of our favourite sounds, but using bell-like FM tones based on the internal synth engine. Lumos contains 200 sounds in the following categories: Lumos (99 sounds):

  • 24 Arpeggios and Sequences

  • 9 Pads and Strings

  • 4 Bass sounds

  • 2 Hits, Boomers and Effects

  • 22 Synth Sounds (Poly, Short and Mono)

  • 38 Textures and Soundscapes

Digi Lumos (51 sounds):

  • 9 Arpeggios and Sequences

  • 20 Pads and Strings

  • 1 Bass sounds

  • 13 Synth Sounds (Poly, Short and Mono)

  • 8 Textures and Soundscapes

Plus 50 Multi sounds.

PRODUCT INFO Name: Lumos. Requirements: Omnisphere 2.6. Number of sounds: 200 (150 singles + 50 multis). Format: Omnisphere 2 format.

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