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Developer: PlugInGuru

Kreaturesque (Now includes UNIFY Presets!) contains over 380 patches of vocal phrases and single-note samples that can take you in myriad creative directions! Vocalist Kathie Talbot – John’s dear and long-time friend, with a mesmerizingly surreal voice, created amazing single-track as well as multi-tracked drawn-out vowels and phrases, (some in Latin!), that were the source of some of John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl’s most innovative sound design work. This library is composed of both natural recordings and samples of the same phrases of Latin or English syllables whose pitch intervals we removed using Melodyne’s pitch correction software. Also included are vocal effects, (moans, yells, caterwauls,) and a ton of really spooky spoken-word samples that are tailor-made for Omnisphere 2’s granular engine.

Speaking of granular, this library also comes with 15 presets for Omnisphere 2’s granular engine, as well as more bonus presets for Amp EG, Arpeggiator and the Effect racks.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2016 – Also added are 181 bonus patches created by over 20 Guru Nation users. Among them, you’re guaranteed to discover truly amazing, frightening, inspiring, beautiful, lush, and unique sounds that will catapult your productions to otherworldly dimensions. A separate .omnisphere file is included in the download.

Update April 2021 – Now with Unify Presets!! The .unify file installs both libraries in Unify format for easy layering of patches and blending with other plug-ins!


How did this project come to be realized? Over a year ago, I planted the idea with Kathie that she should start recording singing of vowels, phrases, even maybe some wacky Latin phrases or other surreal and dreamy melodies. I suggested that she should take some of her incredible sound design chops (she does trailer music and FX for adventure and horror movie trailers) and apply them to some of the samples but leave others dry for variety. I’ve written music and worked with Kathie and considered her to be a dear friend for over 26 years so I knew the range she could take her voice. I suggested to give it a Horror vibe for some of the samples and let’s try to release this before Halloween of 2016…. BUT I also wanted a TON of her angelic voice singing more typical vowels etc…..

Fast forward 8 months and I have a folder with over 4 sessions she’s produced – sending me the results after each one so I could direct her about what I wanted to add for the next of these sessions until I had a TON of awesome source to work with…. A number of the recordings were of her multi-tracking her voicing singing Latin phrases. When she did them, she added intervals/melodies to these so they were not on the same note. The problem was, when you loaded these into Omnisphere 2 and played a chord, it didn’t sound all that great – cool for a single sample phrase (play any of the VOX PHRASE patches for the ORIGINAL recordings Kathie sent to me that still have the intervals intact) but not as useful as I wished for playing pads and keyboard parts with…. so I started investigating my options and discovered that Melodyne 4 was able to easily remove the intervals FROM THE SAMPLES so that they were the same pitch thru the whole sample (these are the VOX samples in the library). When I played these, I said -THESE ARE COOL! But then I decided to take these samples ONE MORE LEVEL and I ran these thru the exact same MegaMagic effect processing I’ve used on MegaMagic: Bells/Winds, Guitars Part 1 and Guitars Part 2… and the became even more beautiful and lush (These are all of the patches with VOX – MM at the beginning of their names). I even LOOPED many of these with seamless Equal-Power Crossfade loops so you can play as a synth pad and the samples never stop (these samples and patches in the CORE library have “Lp” at the end of the name).

So the PAD world of Omnisphere 2 just became that much more heavenly, dreamy and angelic.

But what makes this KREATURESQUE is that there are also some truly scary, frightening and downright goosepimple making sounds in this library as well! Heavy Breathing….. CHECK!! Moans, Groans, Giggles, Backwards yells added to huge thuds that are also reverse… CHECK! Spoken (and whispered(!!!!)) phrases like “I KNOW you’re in there”, “Take my breath away”, “Wait for Me” and single words even like “Alone”, “Blood”, “Death”, “Suffer” and many many more…. CHECK! Even my dog Athena is in this library – I taught her how to talk and growl her own unique words and captured them in stereo with my Tascam field recorder. I also had this same recorder with me when I had a summer vacation in Maui. I shot a sunrise at a beautiful peaceful beach and recorded the waves for a really awesome ocean sample in the library….

o this library goes everywhere – listen to the 2 above demos to hear the range from heavenly pads to sounds that will enhance your film and music productions with vocal effects that are really useful and SCARY! This is the most complex library I’ve released of samples to date and I’m thrilled with how this one turned out! I hope you enjoy Kreaturesque as much as we enjoyed making it!

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