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Journey to Magonia for Omnisphere 2

Updated: Mar 22

This is a world like no other.

Journey to Magonia for Omnisphere 2 cover

Inspired by the otherworldly tales collected by Jacques Vallée and the investigations of the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch by George Knapp, Journey to Magonia is a sonic journey to the centre of the Earth where the dinosaurs still roam among fantastical creatures of myth. This is a world like no other.

“journey to magonia is a otherworldly soundset with a dreamy character of mystique and nature."

The majority of the sounds are focusing on textures, soundscapes and pads, but there are a fair number of effects, such as fantastical creatures, whooshes and organic hits & boomers. All the sounds in this collection were taken from the internal sample library of Omnisphere. But with the Primal Kazoo soundset - all samples have been recorded by us. Read more about Primal Kazoo below.


To create an unique counterpoint to the main soundset, we also recorded sounds from two mighty horns of the modern age: the Kazoo and the Vuvuzela, two of each, all with different sonic characteristics. One traditional plastic Kazoo, and one differently shaped Kazoo made of wood. Both Vuvuzelas were made of plastic, one straight and one bent like and old hunters horn. These recordings were imported to Omnisphere for an extra dimension of other-worldliness.


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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2023

Cool demo! 💜😉

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