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Infinity 2 for Omnisphere 2

Developer: That Worship Sound

If you’re a producer, you know that when you sit and listen to a new song or you’re starting from scratch on creating something, you want to spend time, creating parts and arranging… not messing and tweaking patches for hours.

Malcom Gladwell has this theory that any person is never quite fully proficient at their chosen profession or career until they’ve reached 10,000 hours doing it. Well, I figure I’ve got 10,000 hours in sifting through soundbanks and patches on all of the softsynths I own and have owned through the years — I should be a true professional at it.

“Or maybe I should be spending my time creating instead of searching,” I thought to myself one day.

So I started by buying some soundbanks from Abel here at Those patches have provided me with infinite creative expression.

So, then I began to process what it’d look like for me to create a bunch of the kinds of sounds I’m always reaching for as I produce and arrange, and so I created 100 sounds that I thought were cool. These have been tried and tweaked and actually used in songs I’ve produced for myself and other artists I work with.

We decided to call it “Infinity” because I hope that these sounds are for you what they have been to me – infinitely usable and a great starting place to create something that you think is cool.

So – if you’re a producer like I am, these sounds are gonna be fun for you to use. If you’re a keyboard player in a band – either on the road or in a house of worship – I can guarantee you, these sounds are gonna be fun for you to use. If you’re someone who just likes to mess around in Omnisphere, these sounds will be a lot of fun for you to use.


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