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Heart Beats

Developer: Triple Spiral Audio / ESC

ESC Heart Beats – Different by Choice

The European Sound Collective is proud to present the first of its kind, the ESC Heart Beats for Omnisphere 2.6 by JX3D.

The ESC Heart Beats is a drum library containing 150 special crafted loops processed into 212 patches. But its not limited to “only that”, as its easy to create your own patches by just changing the soundsources to any of the 150 loops and save them using another patch name.

All the loops are processed by the granular engine in Omnisphere, so the beats fit the BPM you play them at. Of course extreme fast and extreme slow BPMs may cause problems, especially if you are using an older machine. So make sure you have a modern machine to run it flawlessly. Its a modern library, so don’t play it on something that was modern 10 years ago. If you can play patches using granular from other libraries without problems, then you can play these to.

“Heart Beats is wicked fun to play, with a flexible approach to tempo-locked percussion loops rarely explored in Omnisphere. I had so much fun stacking and layering a kaleidoscope of style-agnostic grooves, as you’ll hear in my demo — be sure to generously wiggle that mod wheel!” -TORLEY

“The ESC have done it again! With the release of Heart Beats, the ESC offers up a virtual playground of sonic percussive magic that can simply be added to almost any track in order to add movement and interest or stacked to create amazing polyrhythms and counterpoint beats that are simply out of this world!” – Brian Brylow (Arpegiator, Parallaxe, Gorgon Nebula)

Sample Library Review reviewed Deep Forest and Heartbeats:

“To my ears, the percussion ranges from electronic samples, vintage drum machines and cinematic percussion. Some rhythms are perfect for electronic and pop where many have more leanings towards the cinematic and film music genres. I love how you can use the modwheel to sweep in interest into the percussion patterns and create some really awesome percussion lines. The sampling and programming are both excellent and this really is a sound set that needs to be used to understand it’s capabilities further.”

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