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Free Ambience Atmospheric MP3 Collection

Updated: May 21, 2021

Looking to help inspire your next song? Why not grab all my free collections.

Ambience Atmospheric Pads are a great tool to use under same key songs or for transitions - they even are great to just chill and listen on their own in the background.

Each one is based on a custom Spectrasonics Omnisphere pad I created from my original Polar Ice collection. Where is that collection you ask? Stay tuned for something new in 20201!

I have also decided to use the Ambience series to showcase future sound collections. You can grab a free resource using my latest sound designs and hopefully want the full patch collection after.

If you already have my original Ambience - you can easily redownload the new ones for the fresh artwork inside of your media player like iTunes.

Collect all the Ambience collections today!

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