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Epic Trailer Downers for Omnisphere 2

Developer: SampleHero

SampleHero is now harnessing the full power of Omnisphere 2.6 with our brand new line of products we've been referring to as, "HeroSphere" products!

Epic Trailer Downers Volume I features 50+ SMASHING and DOWNING SFX that will decimate your tracks! Need Massive Drops? Need Lub Dubs Dubs? Need Dangerous Drops? If you've been searching for a patch library to inject that modern Hollywood Trailer sound, you've just found it!

Many of the these patches are 2 and 3 layers deep, and YOU have control over the individually layered elements!

50+ Patches and 51 New Samples! That's right, this product features 51 new to Omnisphere samples!

Load, Press, Tweak and..... DROP!

  • A Game Downage

  • A Ray Gun

  • Chopper Dropper

  • Clunk Chunker

  • Da Subber

  • Dat Transporter Though

  • DBJ's Dropper Of Glory


  • Down Electro Scope

  • Down The Keys

  • Drop Dead Tech

  • Drop It Like It's Hot

  • Drop n' Hold

  • Fall From Epica

  • Filtered Flubber

  • Flanger Up Downer

  • Flubby Worm Dropper

  • Fuzzy Skipper

  • Gritty Bass Drop Panner

  • Growl Dropper

  • Growler

  • Hallow Bottom Digger

  • Hallow Low Maker

  • Hell Of July

  • Hi-Fi Flopperz

  • Iron Mike

  • Lo-Fi Hell Drop

  • Lubby Dubber Slower

  • Lubby Dubber

  • Metal Barrel Drop

  • Ooommmfffff

  • Perfect Trailer Drop

  • Press Release

  • Resonant Weirdness

  • Ringer

  • Saw Droppaz

  • SchmAction Dropper

  • Schwaam

  • Screamer 2

  • Screamer

  • Siren Skipp Dat Sucker

  • Slicey Drop

  • Smooth Criminal

  • Stutter Flutter

  • Sub LaLaughter

  • The Arnold

  • The Beast

  • This Makes No Sense

  • Thus Stutter

  • Trainer

  • Tranz-A-Droppa

  • Trekker

  • Waay Outta Phase Bro

  • Warm Panner

  • Wet n' Wild

  • Wider Worm Dropper

  • Zeus Screecher

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.


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