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Distorted Evolution 5 - Hits and Booms

Developer: PlugHugger

Distorted Evolution Hits & Booms is the fifth and last entry in our “Distorted Evolution” series of cinematic sound expanders for Omnisphere 2, and with this release we put the main emphasis on boomers, hits, effects, rhythmical and percussive loops, but also a fair amount of dark soundscapes.

distorted evolution hits & booms focuses on boomers, hits and rhythmical and percussive loops

About the Distorted Evolution series When creating this new series of sound expanders, our primary design goal was to draw inspiration from the early works of Spectrasonics. Back in the day when sound libraries came on CD-ROMs for big clunky hardware samplers, Spectrasonics quickly became a name in the movie and TV-scoring world thanks to their Distorted Reality sound libraries. Distorted Evolution is based on the three most significant sound libraries Spectrasonics did in that time: Distorted Reality, Distorted Reality 2 and Bizarre Guitar. No other sounds have been used to create the sounds in this library. Together with the single sounds we also created 50 multi sounds where we have stacked many layers to create more complex soundscapes and ideas of how to use the sounds. Distorted Evolution 5: Hits & Booms contains 230 sounds.

  • 39 Rhythmic loops

  • 73 Hits & Bits

  • 2 Pads & Strings

  • 3 Synth sounds

  • 22 Textures

  • 41 Effects

  • 50 Multi patches​

DISTORTED EVOLUTION BUNDLE This product is part of the Distorted Evolution Bundle. The bundle contains six parts. Distorted Evolution 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Anyone who owns three parts of the Distorted Evolution series can upgrade to the full bundle for free. In other words, you buy three parts - you get the remaining two for free. Do you already own three? ​Send us a message and we will send you the full bundle for free.

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