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Dark Forces V2 for Omnisphere 2 - Unify

Updated: Jun 27

Developer: Tim Dale through PlugInGuru

Dark Forces V2 comes with 200 Patches / 25 Multis featuring 80 new samples from Tim Dale. There is a BONUS Library for Unify that has all 200 Patches for easy layering as well as 100 additional BONUS Patches Tim created by going Layer Crazy and creating some really brilliant Patches tying Unify’s strengths and this libraries strengths together.

Dark Forces V2 continues what Tim Dale began in V1, aiming to produce a complete toolkit for hard-edged Dark Pop/Darkwave/Synthwave/EDM song production. DF V2 doesn’t aim to reinvent but instead to complement DF V1 – think of it as one big library. (For best results, own both V1 and V2 Libraries!)

With the majority of third-party Omnisphere 2 library releases lately falling into the ambient cinematic category, Dark Forces V2 takes a refreshingly different approach. Thus you won’t find many pads or textures in here, but plenty of powerful basses, plucks, distorted synths, and percussion grooves. This library, like its predecessor, is designed to have everything you need to produce an entire track!

This is library #9 by Sir Tim Dale and is a wonderful, edgy library with unique patches that will definitely fire you up!

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