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Chronicles from the Stars for Omnisphere 2

Developer: Luftrum / ESC

Chronicles from the Stars was born at Superbooth in Berlin in a meetup between the creative minds of the European Sound Collective (ESC) and Luftrum.

ESC is a collective of freelance sound designers from across Europe, united by their passion for designing synth presets. This group includes part-time enthusiasts, dedicated hobbyists, and full-time professionals.

Chronicles from the Stars contains 100 presets for Omnisphere 2, designed by the ESC members and curated by Luftrum.

This soundset is crafted to evoke the mystery and majesty of the cosmos, aimed at stargazers and thinkers fascinated by the vast expanse of the universe. The presets raise the eternal question “Is there life beyond Earth?” and provide a sonic exploration that answers this question with imagination and awe. Chronicles from the Stars is the ideal Omnisphere expansion for observing the night sky or simply escaping into a starlit auditory universe.

Explore distant ambient soundscapes that echo from the infinite cosmos, where intercepted signals from far-off galaxies mingle with strange alien texture. Drift through expansive clouds of cosmic dust, and immerse yourself in obscure interstellar sounds and the gentle arpeggios of twinkling stars.

The presets are designed by ESC members Burny Huber, Carl Lofgren (Plughugger), Fred Nongat (Subsonic Artz), Henrik Larsen (JX3D), Tim Dale (SabreSounds), Anton Anru (Anru Sounds), Adam Henderson (CAXA), Charles Coblin, Jan Bakker, and Michael Muth. Each designer has infused the Omnisphere expansion with their own personal interpretation of space and the cosmos – creating a rich palette of sounds that range from the ethereal and experimental, to the obscure and otherworldly.

The set is compatible with Omnisphere version 2.8 or later. All presets are categorized according to official Spectrasonics categories. Included is a PDF guide for easy installation.

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