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Blur for OmnisPhere 2

Developer: String Audio

Embark on an unparalleled sonic journey with our latest creation, "BLUR," a cutting-edge sample library designed to push the boundaries of musical exploration. Immerse yourself in a world of sonic wonder, meticulously curated with our exclusive samples, as "BLUR" redefines the possibilities for your music production, delivering not only a stunning array of "Patches and Multis" but also several gigabytes of fresh, invigorating Soundsources seamlessly integrated into your production environment.

Continuing the legacy of our acclaimed SHARP library, we proudly present "BLUR," a sonic masterpiece boasting 1.1 gigabytes of original samples meticulously recorded and expertly produced for the STEAM engine. Each Patch and Multi is skillfully crafted to harness the immense power and synthesis capabilities of the STEAM engine, providing a versatile range of modulation options to fuel your creative process.

Dive into the depths of unconventional sound with "BLUR's" extensive range, featuring dark, deep pulses, hauntingly distorted drones, mesmerizing textures, and enchanting pads and keys. Explore the richness of your sonic palette with included sublime subs that add depth and character to your compositions.

Whether you're a contemporary film, game, or TV composer, "BLUR" is an indispensable asset that will elevate your musical and sound design projects to unprecedented levels. Unleash your creativity and explore the limitless possibilities that await you.

Content Highlights:

  • 1.1 GB of meticulously crafted BLUR Signature Samples by STRING AUDIO

  • 137 awe-inspiring Soundsources for endless sonic exploration

  • 156 meticulously designed Patches for immediate inspiration

  • 62 versatile Multis for seamless integration into your creative workflow.


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