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©2020 by Rocky Mountain Sounds

Black Friday Week Deals

If your inbox is like mine - which I am sure it is - then you will have received so many emails telling you what you already know. Black Friday is time when everybody gives their best discounts of the year to hopefully entice you to maybe support them a little bit. I also am joining the ranks and have near all my products on a special sale....well.. actually ALL are on sale!

If you are wanting to save a lot of money- and get a lot of sounds - then this sale is one that will really make you smile. Get from 40,50,60+ % off everything I have created. Read below for more details.

For MainStage 3 users- I would recommend grabbing all 3 of my 2019 releases

Majestica Pads Vol 1


On sale for $12

Majestica Pads Vol 2


On sale for $12

Vinyl Pads


On Sale for $12

Adding these 3 collections will give you over 90 new fully custom-sampled and designed pads that are my best work yet. Each fully use the modwheel for proper live performance with filter and brightness control. They also will give you the ingredients to layer and combine pads for rich textured sounds that are part of emerging worship sounds. Don't miss out on these!

Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape users, this year also brought my most creative releases yet. I have went full on into field recording and deeper sampling and have created a variety of collections that explore new sonic territories (and concepts).

Sound FX Vol 1 is a very special release to me- and a sleeper. In my field recording work, I wanted to challenge myself. Foley sound collections are popular for cinematic and live production use - as well as game sound design. What I found was that no one was focusing on Omnisphere - which I found a shame as there is so much potential inside our beloved synth. I decided to try recording the most mundane sound - a door closing. This turned into me recording all of my house doors, then kitchen cabinet drawers (with different items inside), and then even some interesting boxes and furniture cabinets. I took these sounds and meticulously edited them inside of special processing tools (like RX7) and created the cleanest and highestly quality raw foley samples I could.

These raw samples are presented on their own as regular SFX patches - but are amazingly playable as they were all recorded in 96khz, 24-bit- allowing for amazing down-pitching. From there- I crafted special versions of each sound showcasing what was possible using Omnisphere's amazing FX tools. This expanded to full drum beats, cinematic textures and ambiences, monster sounds, EDM percussive elements, risers and falls, and even playable hybrid instruments that combined synthesis with real life sounds. The final collection contains 372 patches that will inspire you!.


On sale for $17.50

Afterglow was my first release utilizing Keyscape inside of Omnisphere 2. I set out to create performance pianos layered with custom-created "Afterglows"- that are pad like elements that don't sustain. The problem with layering a pad with a piano is that you can't play a pad like a piano. Sustaining a piano will always decay - but pads don't - causing mud and simply terrible and fake sounding performances. Afterglow pianos take the stock Keyscape pianos and layer these decaying and never sustaining elements to create evocative and beautiful atmospheric keys - that are truly inspiring to play.

For those who don't have Keyscape, I also include a special mini collection for Omnisphere 2 only users. I took the same patches and used Omnisphere 2 keyboards that are a joy to play. They also add the value for those that have Keyscape as they increase the sound count as well as add new performance sounds like sustaining drone pads with keyboard splits in the multi section.


On sale for $18 for over over 100 patches and 15 multis.

Vinyl takes a journey back in time. I was inspired by the lo-fi sonics of Tycho and the popularity of vintage synthesizer tones. Bladerunner CS-80 sounds are so popular but also speak to the 70's and 80's sound that had such a quality to it. Raw and dirty beauty is explored by processing my hardware synths using lo-fi tools. Pads have a gritty and raw texture to them- from pitch wobbles to dusty vinyl scratches. These are completely unique and refreshing sounds coming from Omnisphere. Some of my most favourite sounds are contained in Vinyl - especially all the vinyl brass patches. These are so fun to play and explore and will instantly inspire you. They also make for a wonderful companion to the next collection!


On sale for $15

Majestica Vol 2 was the final release I did for Omnisphere in 2019. I feel this is my best work to date! I was inspired by Moraine Lake- a very famous landmark near me. Majestic peaks surround a crystal blue lake in the Canadian Rockies and Majestica Vol 2 represents what it is like to be standing on the cliff overlooking this world wonder. My best guitars set off this collection that include the most amazing pads that transform with the modwheel - adding amazing shimmers and heavenly highs that will shock you. Combine these pads with the lo-fi pads from Vinyl and you will experience new depths in sonic textures with Omnisphere that I think have not been explored enough. This is setting the groundwork for my future collections as I continue to push deeper into what is possible with Omnisphere.


On sale for $15 (this is a must buy in my mind!)

Finally my boutique releases are all on sale - visit my website shop to get amazing deals on Ambience MP3 and special Omnisphere collections like Polar Ice for only $10


I hope you are able to take advantage of these savings. I promise you these are sounds I am very proud off and represent the best of my sound design to date. Thank you for your support throughout these years..... the best is yet to come!!!

Jason Schoepfer

Rocky Mountain Sounds

Calgary, AB, Canada