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Developer: PlugHugger

Filled with leads, synthesizers and with a wealth of magnificent atmospheric sounds what more can you wish for with Spectrasonics Omnisphere? Well, of course, bass. While there are a fair number of bass sounds in Omnisphere the focus lies elsewhere. But loaded with an amazing number of synthesis techniques, we set out to explore how far you can take Omnisphere in terms of bass. But your trusted and most valuable soundmaker didn't stop there.

bassphere is a unique soundset as it relies 100 percent on the internal soundengine of omnisphere: no samples used.

Yes. Although Omnisphere is a goldmine of wonderfully captured waveforms from the rarest and most acclaimed synthesizers, Omnisphere actually has a built-in synth engine that gets very little attention, which is an unfortunate shame. In terms of features and sound, it singlehandedly beats many commercial virtual analog synthesizers on the market. One of the goals with BASSPHERE Complete was to create a serious bass expansion without any samples and virtually no loading times. Zero. Null. None. Nulla bongo. The patches loads the very instant you click on them. Do we need to say it again? Yes, we do: NO SAMPLES USED. Bassphere Complete is a collection of all previous Bassphere soundsets making a massive expander with 395 sounds, covering all kinds of electronic genres: 80s pop, electro, techno, house and even acid house.


Name: Bassphere.

Requirements: Omnisphere.

Number of sounds: 395.

Format: Omnisphere v1 + v2 formats.

Style: Bass, arpeggios and sequences.

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