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Baltic Shimmers

Developer: Sonic Atoms

Organic Pads and Drones

A new incarnation of our Baltic Shimmers library which now shines in Spectrasonics Omnishpere synthesizer. This library contains 1.5 Gb of original samples, which were inspired by the sea. There are 144 Omnisphere patches based on organic sounds: sea, birds, acoustic and electric musical instruments. All 144 sound sources are available inside Omnisphere to be used, repurposed and become a foundation of even more original sounds made by You. These sounds were designed to be used in film or game underscore, but they can find their way into almost any genre.


We recorded very long organic textures, irregular electric cello tremolos, ukulele tremolos or glockenspiel random notes, to name a few. We processed all sounds and often combine them with sea waves or seagulls, to get original, moving and evolving sounds. We crafted every single sample carefully using creative effects and outboard. It was long process since we processed and curated hours of recordings just to select the best sounding textures and place them in Baltic Shimmers collection.

Most of our samples went through tape and after slowing down, were recorded again digitally. This process added truly organic feel and imperfection to our sounds. You get most of Baltic Shimmers by playing very long notes. Most of samples are very long and in combination with clever modulation onboard you may play single note for few minutes and it will constantly evolve. Some movements are very subtle while others can turn from even and static to detuned, wobbly and randomly changing timbre.


Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition comes with 144 patches and 144 sound sources. Library has 3 types of sounds: Shimmers, Pads and Drones. All sounds come from original Baltic Shimmers sample library and were edited and looped for ease of use in Omnisphere ecosystem.

Drones patches are made of single layer but they use very long evolving samples. Shimmers are made of much more complex samples which are played back through granular engine, which allows to blend smoothly in between various stages of complex sample. Pad type on the other hand is more traditional but built from 2 up to 3 layers. All patches react to modwheel (CC1), however behaviour differs and depends on patch type.


  • 144 patches based on 144 original sound sources

  • Library requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 synthesizer.

  • Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition requires 1.5 GB of HDD/SSD space

  • Sample resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit stereo .wav format

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