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Developer: PlugHugger

Dirt is a collection of sounds with the focus on saturated, distorted and edgy sounds. Just with our EMP3 soundset, Dirt is a collection of sounds where we don’t focus on a particular style or a selected synthesizer - but rather on the processing of the sounds. Dirt is a soundset based on the sound of the famous Sherman Filterbank 2. While on paper being a filter module - the Sherman Filterbank is a classic when it comes to roughen up a sound and give it a dirtier edge.

dirt is based on sounds processed by the sherman filterbank 2

From a sound design perspective, the Sherman Filterbank is a truly wild beast. It’s powerful, unpredictable, noisy and will almost never do what you want. With Dirt we worked with the Filterbank in the only possible way: set the computer to record, start tweaking the Filterbank until you are seriously overloaded with material, then pick out the best parts. As the source material we mainly used traditional synth waveforms, and to give them a rhythmic context we added a few classic 909 drum sounds as well. Dirt contains 201 sounds in the following categories:

  • 56 Bass Arpeggios/Sequences

  • 18 Drum / Percussion

  • 23 Pads / Synth strings

  • 27 Bass sounds

  • 11 Synth sounds

  • 14 Textures and soundscapes

  • 2 Effect sounds

  • 50 Multi sounds

Plus 81 INIT sounds for each soundsource available in Dirt (many of them are pitch variations of the same sound).


Name: Dirt.

Requirements: Omnisphere 2.

Number of sounds: 151 singles + 50 multis + 81 INIT patches.

Format: Omnisphere 2 format.

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