Sonic Explorer - Fall 2018

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Rocky Mountain Sounds Sonic Explorer - Fall 2018

Welcome to the Sonic Explorer - a frequent newsletter for subscribers of Rocky Mountain Sounds. Enjoy this edition!

THX Logo Theme

THX Ltd posted the never before seen real manuscript for their infamous trademark sound. This was created by Dr. James A. Moorer who was a former employee of Lucasfilm. I wonder if he is getting paid royalties for this??


Moog has released a couple of new synths that have been making waves throughout the gear community.

Adding a bit of patchwork colour- they decided it was time to jump ahead a generation and release the Grandmother. This is semi-modular synth that includes a vintage spring reverb - which also can be applied to externally fed synth - very cool.

The Grandmother is a bulky unit and breaks from the traditional Moog swooped back plate (which is iconic). Here is an interesting video about the synth (sort of- more about the monologue - but gives you a variety of uses for the Grandmother).

The second Moog release - which is not available to purchase yet- is the Subharmonicon

This is a cool one to me as it does offer something newer in synth tech. loopop did a great review on the synth.

This was a Moogfest 2018 exclusive- but we hope that this will be released to the general public soon as it really is a cool synth.

...and now for something completely different....

Thanks to Alex Svetlev for sharing this- what an insanely cool concept- visualization and "audibilization" of 15 sorting algorithms. I heard some really amazing sounds in this one.

Are you interested in using Apple's MainStage? Why not check out Abel Mendoza's leading tutorials - founder of That Worship Sound - and one great person!

Part 1

Part 2

Omnisphere 2 is my favourite synth - the one and only synth I would want on a deserted island. PlugInGuru has done a great livestream going over Omnisphere - creating a beginner help video. This is worth watching through as you will learn so much.

I have released 7 Omnisphere collections (whew!). Keep reading for a special subscriber discount!!!

Etherium for Omnisphere 2

Etherium journeys into new sonic territory with a variety of sounds ideal for futuristic blockbuster soundtracks or weekend church services.

New processing techniques were applied to custom programmed synth pads and more. Along side ultra-ethereal pads, Etherium includes guitar, bell and pluck creations – with new Sub Phatty-sourced ambient basses. These additional sounds allow for endless combinations that take you on a journey of new sonic discoveries.

Etherium provides a throwback to the synth sounds of the 60’s and 70s with the inclusion of “vinyl pads”. Outboard synthesizer creations were processed through vinyl fx processors – creating pads that have vintage vibe with record noises and wow and flutter (random pitch fluctuations). These samples provide a new depth of sound when programmed with Omnisphere 2’s amazing array of tools and effects.

3 new plucks add to Ethereum’s versatility. Modelled plucks were processed through special granular FX courtesy of The body of each pluck has random granular textures that add organic and random artifacts. These are combined with various pads to provide the most engaging and exciting plucks for Omnisphere.

Each pad, pluck, guitar, bell and bass have been extensively programmed to bring out the best of each soundsource. Modwheel sets each sound into new directions- from wonderful filter sweeps and radio delays- to tempo sync pulses and atmospheric textures. Etherium brings exciting and inspiring new sounds to your toolkit.

Here is a patch demo video showcasing each patch.

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Are you looking for a new synth? I highly recommend Sweetwater's Ben Allen who will be providing us with awesome new updates on the latest in synth technology in upcoming newsletters.

Ben Allen Sweetwater Sales Engineer Phone: (800) 222-4700 ext. 3045 E-mail:

COLD - the Complete Omnisphere Library Database

Have you heard about the COLD? I love Omnisphere so much that I wanted to showcase ALL the available patch collections from around the world. Check out the ever growing listing at the COLD

I wanted to share this absolutely inspiring video showcasing 4 different producers remixing a song sample. You get to see different techniques- but more importantly- expand your mind on how to approach the same base sound set and take it into new directions. Fascinating to watch and hear the final results.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5 was released and wow oh wow- it's amazing. Hardware Integration is the key feature - where Spectrasonics has taken 31 synths and have done a virtual transplant of their individual DNA inside of Omnisphere. This goes beyond smart auto-mapping of controls and emulates each supported synths characteristics.

I released a first look video showing how to update using the smart updater option- as well as some initial thoughts.

I have already started exploring other new features as part of this release. The biggest for me is 4 layer support and a shared signal path. What is the big deal about a shared signal path? This setting is what I consider the magic button. Creating a patch using a shared signal path will reduce the CPU requirements as all 4 layers get sent through a set of common parameters. Normally, each layer has it's own dedicated filter, envelopes, and a bunch of additional controls plus dedicated FX racks. With a shared signal path, all 4 layers get sent through a set of common routings - filter, envelopes, ring modulation, waveshaper, FX rack. This helps with emulating the hardware profile synths- but is also a huge benefit to sound designers as we can now explore all 4 soundsources for deeper and more complex sonic creations- reducing CPU usage and simplifying some of the extra programming we do with multiple pages of parameters. I have already started new updates to my RedMod Moog Tribute collection - creating 4 layer creations that I will add to a future free update.

Customer Profiles

I LOVE celebrating all of you who make music with the sounds I create. There is nothing more inspiring then spending time crafting a unique sound and having my fellow musicians enjoy and create something new with it. It's truly what I am meant to do on this earth (besides husbanding and dadding lol). I would like to introduce you to the first customer who was kind enough to write up a bio for himself and his musical life thusfar. I hope you enjoy and will contribute your own to future newsletters!

Introducing Mike Reinhart

I wasn’t always into electronic music. The first record I bought with my own money was Rock and Roll Over by Kiss. That was some pretty adult stuff for a third grader.

I’ve been hooked on cool guitar riffs since then.

I grew up playing guitar starting around the 5th grade. When I was a senior in High School I started taking music seriously. I taught myself to sight read (poorly) on the piano and taught myself basic music theory. In college I started studying music and classical guitar at Middle Tennessee State and after two years transferred to the University of Tennessee for Music Composition.

As I was sitting in my Music Composition I class painstakingly writing out a score by hand my instructor asked if I would be interested in Electronic Music Composition. He told me you make sounds on synthesizers and the sequence them together for the composition. I asked if I had to write scores. He said no and I said sign me up!

That was the beginning of my love of Electronic Music. I had always liked synthpop from the likes of Devo, Thomas Dolby, The Cars and all the other new wave acts that got radio airplay. I was also into the hair bands and prog rock. I'm a huge BT fan. That guy is a total genius. I really developed a knack for textural music since being in college it seemed standard harmony and rhythm was expressly prohibited by the Academic Elites. I found it very cathartic and pretty easy to make. I learned the Ensoniq VFXsd inside and out and could coax almost any sound I wanted out of it.

I graduated in 1993 which was the perfect time to get into music and sound design for games but no one at my university knew that was even a thing. So I didn’t do much with music for years. I work as web developer.

I have written some music for a few marquee clients like The Boys and Girls Club of America, Home Depot and The Stitch TV Show. I worked on a soaking/prayer/meditation/total zone out track recently and it turned out so nice I released it on Bandcamp.

More eclectic music can be heard over on soundcloud

I’m focusing much more of my free time into music these days. I’m enjoying the deep dive into instruments like Omnisphere, Absynth and recently Reaktor.

Thanks for introducing your story and your music to us Mike!!!

Lastly, I have a special discount running for the next few days (maybe longer) at my shop at RMS. Check out the link and see what current savings you can get on my direct collections.

That is it for this edition. Please join my Facebook group for daily updates, inspirations, and awesome music and synth news and discussions -

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