Elation Pads 2 behind the scenes

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Today I was happy to release my next MainStage / Logic Pro X patch collection- focused on PADS! (well, and one new pluck!).

I have fallen in love with sampling- and sampled pads have become an obsession for me. When I approach making a pad- I first look to one of my hardware synths- either my Prophet 12, Korg Radias, or JU-06. With these 3 synths, I have a plethora of raw waveform design potential. I will dial in a waveform and add character to it using the onboard filter and controls (avoiding time-based ones 99% of the time). Once I settle on the basic sound (which at this time I still don't know how it will end up as a finished patch), I then sample it.

For sampling, I use Auto Sampler to do the heavy lifting. I work on the proper usable range first. I sample as low and high as possible before craziness sets in (but have extended that if the craziness was really cool and potentially usable). For pads, I will sample 2 notes per octave- and generally 5 octaves. The actual settings will vary as I do test sampling to find the best level, sampling type, and length. Sounds that have a lot of character from the synths need longer sample times and special attention to the loop detection ranges- the more character and variance, the longer sample times and wider loop point ranges are needed. For more simple and raw waveforms, I can use short times as the waveform stays consistent throughout the span of sampling- and makes for easier looping.

Once I have finished with my sampling sessions- I will let them sit before I go to them and work on crafting the patch inside of EXS24. I want to give myself a fresh perspective and come to the samples with an empty canvass- and not be predisposed to what I just heard in the sampling process.

To Be Continued.....

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