Happy 2 Year Anniversary Polar Ice

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Jun 1 2020 Update - Polar Ice has been updated with new patches for Omnisphere 2 as well as the now standard .omnisphere installation file. You can purchase it right HERE

2 years ago this weekend, I released Polar Ice for Omnisphere 1. Due to popular request, I have brought it back for those that haven't upgraded to version 2 can still purchase.

Polar Ice for Omnisphere 1 contains almost 500 pads, bell pads and arms- perfect for those icy winter songwriting sessions. It was my second collection I released for Omnisphere and is still being used today as I covered a huge variety of sonic territory for pads. Perfect for worship and layering with pianos- like Spectrasonics Keyscape.

#Omnisphere #Polar

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