Northern Lights - A Little Story

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

A few years ago, I started a Facebook group called Hillsong Omnisphere Sounds. This was in response to a need to extract Omnisphere presets that Hillsong's Peter James released to the public (which I discovered through ChurchMediaDesign.TV- created by Brad Zimmerman).

As we started to grown, I started a patch challenge. This pushed a bunch of us to start making our own sounds- of course using Omnisphere. It was through that little project that I got the bug. It inspired me to keep making sounds. Not tweaking presets but starting from scratch and seeing what sort of sonic creation I could end up with.

After months of creating, I came up with my first Omnisphere collection - Northern Lights. After that, I followed up an epic pad collection (near 500 patches!) called Polar Ice. My 3rd instalment was a more creative one- taking those patches that didn't fit the first 2 collections and adding bizarre and exploratory patches- fittingly called Explorations. All of these were indie releases. I cut my teeth on these- learning from scratch how to come out with a digital product to sell and distribute. I had to figure out how to best market and build a following.

One day, I reached out to a member of my group and asked a simple question. How did he like his camera that I have been looking at. We got into a great discussion about it and he sent me some photos to look at to check out the great quality. He was so kind that he gave me a patch collection to as a gift- which I felt I had to reciprocate. I sent him my collections - of course in hesitation - as I didn't know how he would like them (or not). Well, that one action lead up to me now being a part of the sound design team at

We launched my first pro release- refreshing and re-imagining what my Northern Lights pack should be. It was a time of huge stretching and learning- John has a high standard and expectation with whatever he releases- it must be kick butt and provide huge value for his customers. 1 patch is simply not enough- you need to make that patch have life and transform into something unique with the modwheel. It was an amazing adventure going through the programming and refining with Northern Lights.

Since the release and success of Northern Lights, I was blessed with being called up to work on more projects with PlugInGuru- expanding my skills and imagination with each and every collection. It has been such an amazing adventure that I have only begun and am so honoured that so many have come alongside me to support and encourage- and ultimately enjoy the results.

What does the future hold? More sounds for sure- but now I am on the search for new ideas- new inspirations. I have the bug for using custom sampled sounds as the basis of my patch design (thanks John!). With Omnisphere 2- I have a new world to explore and can't wait to see and hear what can be done.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!!!!

Original release on KVR

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