Introducing Rocky Mountain Ambience Piano for MainStage 3

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

If you are a MainStage user- I created my own "starter concert" that is focused on piano.

The collection includes 20 pianos and e-pianos that are combined with my own custom-sampled sounds- like pads, strings, synth and ambience elements.

These are beautiful pianos and pads for worship and live playing and require no additional plugins- just a full copy of MainStage 3.

As a special bonus, I created my own Ambience playback interface to let run a sweet wounding ambient pad behind your playing- including extra tone carving controls and even a MOTION button that adds a very nice panning motion (for those the run stereo) to add more clarity and depth - so you don't have muddy pads running through the mains.

You can purchase directly here

Here are some great videos and screenshots to check out as well

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